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February 20th, 2018

Invoices & Dues Increase

Invoices for HOA Dues were processed on January 23rd. If you signed up for electronic invoices you should have received your invoice via email. All paper invoices were mailed on January 29th. As most are aware, the annual expenses have exceeded the total collected in HOA Dues, so our first ever increase in 13 years was necessary. The increase is $50 totaling $350 for 2018.

In past HOA Meetings, homeowners have declined a small increase over a period of years; only implementing an increase when the amount would no longer support the budget. With a healthy reserve account we will be able to cover all of our expenses for 2018 and the major repairs throughout the neighborhood.

The annual financial report, which includes the budget for 2018, will be available early this year to help answer questions regarding the increase in expenses. The budget portion will be preliminary, pending the outcome of discussions at the Neighborhood HOA Meeting in March.



February 20th, 2018
Online Payments

The online payment system is open for direct payment on the Resident Information Page. The ACH Check Processing Fee is $1.95, Debit Cards $4.95, and Credit Cards will now be accepted based on the payment amount; $10.32 for the full $350. This is a 3rd Party site and not managed by the HOA. Fees collected do not benefit the Association.


To avoid processing fee's, you may request your account to be set up to receive electronic invoices by emailing the HOA directly. The invoice includes a direct link for payment with a checking or savings account with no transaction fee, the association absorbs the $1 fee from the site. As technology continues to shape business platforms; we still accept check or money order payments by mail. See the Contact Information page for remittance address.



January 23rd, 2018

Construction Requirements

As you begin planning your spring and summer home  improvements, don't forget to submit a request for approval on those larger projects, such as, but not limited to; painting, staining, fence construction, deck construction or additions, storage buildings, and other structural and architectural changes. General requirements for these projects are available for viewing on the Resident Information Page, and also outlined in the Covenant Non-Compliance Policy. Not sure if your project requires approval, feel free to call or e-mail us!

January 23rd, 2018

Boats, RV's, & Trailers


Even though it is winter season, we still have received complaints regarding the parking and storage of; Boats, RV's, travel trailers, and other large vehicles within the association. Please see the recent memo regarding this issue and what the requirements are for these types of vehicles.